We provide 2 x annual training .

Karen will give the practical lessons.
Dr. Doornaert (Plastic Surgeon) will take care of the anatomical knowledge /sterility /wound healing.

Each module consists of X number of teaching days and a maximum of 6 students are admitted:

  • Bronze (4 lesson days)
  • Silver (3 lesson days)
  • Gold (3 lesson days)
  • Elite (2 teaching days + areola reconstruction + scar treatment)
  • Microblading module

Only after the success of the theoretical and practical test you can proceed to the next module and this every time with an interval of 6 months. So you can only obtain your full diploma after 1.5 years.

Dermatopigmentation is a practical skill and a practical skill you have in your fingers after intense practice.

That is why we opt to have students transfer to the next module only after 6 months.

The aim is to practice a lot during that 6 month period and after the success of the practical and theoretical test, students can only proceed to the next module.

Not to discourage anyone “it takes an average of 3 years before you have the techniques in your hands” and only by practicing a lot will you succeed in good and beautiful results!

Required Foreknowledge:

  • Medically or Para Medically trained (can get an exemption)
  • Beauticians