A Stardust-Liner!

Always been looking for a feather effect? An Eye-Liner with shadow instead of a thin Eye-Liner? Meet the STARDUST Liner/ BUTTERFLY Liner.

Attention : This Liner belongs to the serie of Prestige Liners so the result is more visible. Ideal for anyone who draws an eye-liner daily and uses shadow or fades a bit with a make-up brush.

Listen to our advice! We are always honest and sincere because your beautiful liner is our best advertisement!

This liner does not suit everyone and since our best advertisement is your beautiful liner, we reserve the right not to apply this shaping for:

  • Women with slightly more “drooping eyelids” (eyelid correction is first recommended);
  • Women with too small an eyelid space (= the distance between the upper orbita border “bone” and the upper lash line). You will not see the liner, a waste of your money and time.

We strive for a perfect result that will make you shine not fail.

This Liner is more expensive since we have to use multiple needle configurations and also provide more time.

Everything is discussed in detail and outlined so that you can already see what your Prestige / Stardust Eye-Liner will look like and you can indicate yourself whether you would like it to be finer or slightly thicker. We are happy to give you advice for your best result.

  • feel free to bring photos of results that you like,
  • choose how long your pigments will stay,
  • choose the shaping of your Liner, everything will be drawn first,
  • all pigments are in accordance with EU legislation,
  • no AZO, Nickel, Heavy metals, Pak’s,
  • we work with different doctors & doctors are also our clients,
  • also for people who are extremely allergic.