Ready for your new skin. Microneedling is here

Ready for your new skin. Microneedling is here

Ready for your new skin. Microneedling is here


Do you want to take good care of your skin? Want to give a fresh boost to the summer? Then choose our new treatment, Microneedling

Microneedling is mainly used in women or men with somewhat grayer skin. For example, by smoking or (too) much exposure to the sun. But also when wrinkles develop, or the skin simply ages. Something, unfortunately, everyone will have to believe one day.

The treatment is largely carried out on women from the age of 32 who want to look fresher and healthier. Because your skin determines a large part of your appearance. A beautiful “glow” will quickly make you look years younger!

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How does it work?

Microneedling by Dermatopigmentatie

First, the skin is anesthetized with some local injections (this is really good). After the anesthetic has reached its optimal anesthetic effect, we start working. We are going to process the skin with super thin Nano Needles.

We place the needles into the superficial layer of the Dermis. This ensures better blood flow and the epidermis is also removed. The skin will be an intense red and some bleeding is normal. The skin will look red for 3 days as if you were sunburned.

Pay attention !

Our Microneedling is a medical treatment. So we work deeper into the skin than in an institute, hence the importance of our anesthesia.

Girls or women under the age of 32 with good skin condition absolutely do not need this treatment yet.

Are you ready for your fresh look?

It is always important to protect the skin well against the sun, with or without Microneedling treatment! If you decide to have a Microneedling treatment performed, it is important that you don’t get too much sun in the days before. The sun can damage the skin which can reduce the result of the treatment. After the treatment you will have a “burnt” skin for a few days.

To protect the skin and make it repair well, it is important that the skin is repaired as little as possible in the sun. It is also best to apply as few (cosmetic) products on the skin as possible. If you prefer not to go out without makeup, mascara and lipstick are no problem, but foundation is not a good plan.