Permanent make-up lips: full lips & a brilliant result

Full lips are a beauty ideal and appeal to the imagination. It is therefore not surprising that there is increasing demand for these ‘Kylie Jenner lips’. With Dermatopigmentation, the beauty treatments for the lips are also highly regarded. You can contact us for the following treatments:

  • Baby Lips
  • Soft Contour
  • Bardot Full Lips

Baby Lips: a natural look
You get a beautiful and natural result of full lips with our treatment Baby Lips . Hereby we make your lips a bit bigger with our permanent make-up. To make it look as natural as possible, we enlarge your lips by a maximum of 1 to 1.5 millimeters. So no use is made of lipfillers, but you still see optically a world of difference compared to the ‘old’ situation.

The beauty treatment Baby Lips is the preferred method to get your lips back in balance again. We can also make corrections. By improving the lip contour with permanent make-up, you have a natural result without having to opt for lipfillers.

Soft Contour: emphasizing full lips
If you have full lips of your own, but want to emphasize it, we recommend our treatment Soft Contour . We make a light visual transition from contour to inner lip with permanent make-up.

During this treatment we can permanently color your lips and a permanent lip liner is also possible. Feel free to ask a personal advice about this, because Soft Contour does not suit everyone.

Bardot Full Lips: pronounced and full lips

Pronounced and / or full lips – that is the result of the treatment Bardot Full Lips . Here we provide even more accentuation by applying the right shaping and color. Of course, we work accurately in Dermatopigmentation. Your lip contour with permanent make-up is first drawn out and also the color to permanently color your lips is chosen with an eye for detail. If this is all right, then we will start with the permanent make-up.

Do not have full lips yet, but do you want the real Kylie Jenner lips? Then we advise you to have lipfillers first placed by a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Professional permanent make-up of your lips
With Dermatopigmentation you have the certainty that all beauty treatments are carried out professionally and with the most modern techniques. Founder Karen Sarasin specializes in dermatopigmentation – the technique whereby color pigments are inserted into the skin.

Dermatopigmentation is closely involved in the organization of the Cleft Lip Surgery . For this, a percentage of the lip treatments is given annually to enable the clearing operations of children in Myanmar and Kenya.

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