OMBRE POWDER BROWOMBRE POWDER BROW (300 EURO) - met verdovende prik (+30 euro)

Ombré Powder Brow, always dreamed of beautiful fuller eyebrows but you’re afraid of the “tattoo” effect? ​​

The Ombré Powder Brow. This natural eyebrow look allows you to regain self-confidence and start the day “without loosing 20 minutes in front of the mirror every morning”.

Give yourself again that youthful fresh look that you have lost by plucking too much / due to illness or stress. Do not let this affect your self-confidence

Bring your face back in harmony and let your eyes speak out more through the right eyebrow shape and technique. You will see that you look younger by the right eyebrow treatment.

She’s got 99 problems but her brows is not one

The success of Karen’s Brow Techniques is in 3 factors:

  • listen to your wishes and desires
  • reliable pigments and sterility
  • years of expertise and expertise

Ombré Powder Brow eyebrows, for whom?

  • thin or no eyebrows
  • asymmetrical eyebrows
  • irregular hair growth

Everything is extensively discussed and drawn out so you can see how your eyebrow will look like. We are happy to give you advice for your best result.

  • Please bring photos of results that you like,
  • everything is first drawn out,
  • all pigments are in accordance with EU legislation;
  • no AZO, Nickel, Heavy metals, Pak’s;
  • we work together with different doctors & amp; doctors are also our clients;
  • also for people who are extremely allergic !! Dermatologists also refer patients who are extremely allergic.

Dermatopigmentation ® attaches great importance to the quality and sterility of our pigments. View our product analysis here.

We work with local anesthesia

– NO pain and no uncomfortable feeling thanks to our local anesthetic
– Similar as a little prick at the dentist
– You choose this option without obligation at the time of your treatment (30 euro extra)

Ombré Powder Brow, make your eyebrows fuller, the Full eyebrows – Kim Kardashian brow, ideal for the young fashionista who wants her brows beautiful in shape every day without the tattoo effect, but with a make-up look.

This technique is ideal for women who have their own eyebrow hairs, but want more shape and color and want to be redeemed from daily coloring with powder or pencil.

Our sterile needles are disposable and specially designed to provide you with the most natural shadow technique on your eyebrow.

Bye bye pencil, hello shading!

shading brow -permanente make-up wenkbrauwen