New SPMU technique for your lips

New SPMU technique for your lips

New SPMU technique for your lips


Always wanted fuller lips but are you afraid of lip fillers? Then our new DP Lips technique is for you!

DP Lips has nothing to do with the ’90 lip line tattoo.

At Dermatopigmentatie® we always aim for the most natural result. With our natural pigments, we can let your natural lips speak even more. In addition, we ensure that your natural lip shape comes out better.

Together with you we first look for the perfect color, everything is possible. The goal is to find a color that matches your own lip tone so that it gives a strengthening effect.

We improve the lips, we do not change them!

We recommend that you take a narcotic injection on arrival. This is an extra € 30 but well worth it.
Lips are extremely sensitive and thanks to the prick you can undergo the lip treatment completely painlessly.

While the anesthetic does its work, we start drawing your ideal lip shape, we only start pigmenting after your approval.

The pigmentation itself is done with our own machine, thanks to our accupuncture needles we can work very fine and light, making the lips super natural.

The lips will be swollen just after the treatment. Don’t worry, this will disappear after a few hours. Some people can suffer from this for 1 day.
During the first days we ask not to kiss (for hygienic reasons), and be careful with hot drinks and salt products.

At the beginning of the healing process, the lips are up to 2x as dark, after a few days the first sheets come off. Only then do you see the end result.

Are you ready for your new lips? Then make an online appointment.

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