DP Microneedling + Radio frequency (visit first for a consultation) (from 300 euro)

The microneedling treatment

‘In a nutshell’, is that we actually shaven the skin a bit and then stimulate it to restore itself nicer.

What happened is that we remove the epidermis (deep into the epidermis and the superficial basal layer in the dermis). For this we use very small needles called Nano needles. We place about 30 of these Nano needles in a circle on the skin of the face or hands. The result is that the skin turns red and releases. The reds can be compared as if you were burned in the sun. A day or 2 to 3 skin will look burnt, during this period the skin will rapidly recover itself and afterwards the redness will decrease. What you get in return is a radiant, tight skin.

Treatment is always under the supervision of a plastic surgeon.

“Everyone has been greatly impressed so far! The results are amazing. ‘

For whom?

Microneedling is mainly used in women with a somewhat gray skin, for example by smoking or (too) much in the sun. But also when wrinkles arise, or the skin simply grows older, which everyone will have to believe one day.

The treatment is mainly performed in women from 33-35 years who want to look fresher and younger. Because your skin determines a large part of your appearance. A beautiful ‘glow’ will soon make you look years younger!

Sometimes there are also younger women for treatment, for example because they would like to try it once. Actually, I think that is sin. Their skin is already so beautiful and tight, there is little to improve.


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You (unfortunately) do not have a radiant skin from one day to the next. The skin is a living organ that constantly tries to return in the original state. For the best result, it is therefore recommended to repeat the treatment a number of times, so that the result remains optimal for as long as possible.

The best thing would be to repeat the treatment every quarter, so the skin stays in its best state. The best result is visible after three treatments.

  • After the first treatment you will have red skin for 2-3 days. This quickly pulls away, after which you start to lubricate a special cream. This cream stimulates the new skin production.
  • After a month or 3, the second treatment will take place. This will be the same as the first one.
  • And again 3 months later the third treatment will take place. Which will expire as well as the first treatment.

However, you will notice that your skin is getting stiffer and the treatment is getting better tolerated, so you will see a little less red after the 2nd or 3rd treatment than after the first treatment.Between the treatments it is important to work well with a special to continue to lubricate cream. That way you keep stimulating the skin. Once you stop lubricating the cream, the skin will try to return to the original state, and the effect of the treatment will decrease.


It is always important to protect the skin against the sun, with or without Micro Needling treatment!

If you decide to do a Micro Needling treatment, it is important that the days in advance not too much in the sun. The sun can damage the skin, which can reduce the result of the treatment.

After the treatment you will have a ‘burnt’ skin for a few days. To protect the skin and allow it to recover properly, it is important to keep the sun as little as possible in the sun until the skin is well recovered and to apply as few (cosmetic) products as possible to the skin. If you prefer not to go out without a make-up, mascara and lipstick is not a problem, but foundation is not a good plan.

Microneedling by Dermatopigmentatie

A Microneedling treatment costs € 300 for the face per session, and € 100 extra for the face + cleavage, the hands cost € 150. A session lasts about 45 minutes.

Microneedling is possible in combination with local anesthesia.