DP Hairpigmentation (from 400 EURO)

Micro hair pigmentation (MHP) is a non-surgical treatment (for both men and women).

Thanks to the latest technology, we are able to simulate a fuller hair growth.

Our pigments are extremely pure and free of heavy metals, nickel, AZOs and PAHs.

Thanks to the hypoallergenic properties, these pigments apply to everyone.

Designated for:

  • Those who want to make existing thinner hair look more visually closer
  • When transplantation is not an option
  • Unsatisfied with the result after transplantation
  • Wishing for a shaven look with full to partial baldness
  • Scars want to camouflage in the hair


  • Pigments are biodegradable
  • Free painless treatment
  • Immediate result
  • Remains for 1 to 2 years


  • Zone 1: € 400
  • Zone 2: € 400
  • Zone 3: € 550
  • Zone 4: € 650
  • All Zones: € 2000

What can you expect for this price?

You will receive 2 sessions

  • 1st session : color selection and treatment of the entire zone
  • 2nd session after 2-3 weeks : perfecting density and color optimization of the entire zone

If a 3rd session is required, you pay a fixed price per hour (only within 3 months after the 1st treatment).


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