MICROBLADINGMICROBLADING (300 EURO) - met verdovende prik (+30 euro)

Microblading is the emerging technique for your eyebrows!

Microblading has several names:

  • Eyebrow embroidery
  • Microstroking
  • Feather touch
  • Hair stroke

It is actually an old technique in a new jacket that has come over from the Far East to Europe.
Go for more comfort and professionalism!

She’s got 99 problems but her brows ain’t one

Microblading, how does it work?

With a sterile blade (disposable) and hand tool a superficial scratch is made just under the upper skin layer (superficial Dermis). Pigments are brought into this. This way we can draw very nice hairs in the skin, which are almost indistinguishable from real.

We work with local anesthesia

– NO pain and no uncomfortable feeling thanks to our local anesthetic
– Similar as a little prick at the dentist
– You choose this option without obligation at the time of your treatment (30 euro extra)

Karen Sarasin specializes in Microblading:

  • she works with different blade models so she can give you the eyebrow that you’ve always wanted;
  • before the treatment there is an intake interview so that Karen can well assess what your wishes are;
  • the shaping, thickness, color, … in short everything is discussed first before we start!

For whom?

Microblading is ideal for people who:

  • little to no own eyebrow hairs
  • want a natural result
  • suffer from alopecia
  • scars in the eyebrows
  • or just want nicer fuller eyebrows.


Microblading handtool en blade

This technique will last for a maximum of 1 to 1.5 years.

Pigments in the eyebrows, however, should no longer remain in the skin as they become duller and grayer under the influence of the sun.

Everything is extensively discussed and drawn out so that you see what your eyebrow will look like. We are happy to give our advice for the best result.

  • bring photos of results that you like;
  • everything is first drawn out;
  • all pigments are in accordance with EU legislation;
  • no AZO, nickel, heavy metals, Pak’s;
  • we work together with different doctors & doctors also belong to our clientele;
  • also for people who are allergic!! Dermatologists even refer patients who are extremely allergic.

You can have this treatment performed every two years. Keep in mind that as much color as possible must be removed before you book a new treatment. This to restore the skin so that you get beautiful eyebrows again and do not have to work on old residual pigment every time, with all the consequences. Always inform yourself!

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