FILLERSFILLERS (350 euro For 1 cc)

Fillers and lip fillers

Skin aging 

Due to normal aging subcutaneous volume loss increases and the skin relaxes. Fillers or lip fillers based on hyaluronic acid are the ideal solution for filling up such static wrinkles or for restoring volume loss.

This way you can eliminate the volume loss of your lips very nicely by placing Fillers in the lips. Your lip immediately looks much fresher and younger. Moreover, fine wrinkles around the lips (or smokers lips) can also be made more beautiful by our techniques!

Dermatopigmentation uses only fillers that are naturally broken down by the body after about a year.

For the young Fashionistas

Do you want that typical full #Poutch Lips or beautiful sensual Kiss me Lips …. So bring photos of desired results so that our doctors know what your wishes are. To go from fine lips to a full, beautiful result, you do need several treatments. Our prices are per syringe of 1ml = 350 Euro When your syringe is not used up, you will return free of charge two weeks later for your next injection.

For good results, lips should not be injected under too much tension otherwise you will get the typical “Duck Lip”. To counter this, we build up the lips at a leisurely pace. When the Filler has just been placed, you can temporarily have a slight swelling and a small blue spot. This has completely disappeared within a few days. The majority is not bothered by this!

The younger audience

  • Nicer full lips (Poutch effect)
  • Kylie Jenner Lips (note that this can not be done in 1 time)
  • Fuller cheekbones
  • Nose job Chin correction

For the mature audience

Waar kunnen fillers toegepast worden?

Waar kunnen fillers toegepast worden?

  • Reduce the nasolabial fold
  • Fine lines around the lips filling (ideal in combination with Karen’s DP-Lip treatment)
  • Correct volume loss in lips
  • Fuller cheekbones / cheeks
  • Nose job Chin correction

We work with the lipfillers with our surgically anesthetic ointment, which provides sufficient anesthesia so that you will hardly feel the filler of the fillers.