Eye make up, what are the possibilities?

Permanente make-up ogen

Eye make-up that suits you?

Eye makeup that speaks. With Dermatopigmentatie ® we always take your personality and preferences into account.

Before putting pigments in the skin, everything is first nicely drawn out so that you already get an idea of ​​the shaping and the thickness. That way you definitely get an Eye-Liner that suits your type of eyes.

At Dermatopigmentatie ® you first see a portfolio so you can choose which type of Eye-Liner you prefer:

To make things easier for you, Karen has 3 types of Eye-Liner techniques:

(*) (only with a tight skin and when there is sufficient free space) eg: this Liner is not suitable for “hanging eyelids”. If you are considering an eyelid correction, please refer to one of our doctors. (link page doctors)

Be sure to check out our Before & After

Every woman wants an Eye-Liner that suits her personality. With dermatopigmentatie ® we listen to your wishes so that we can give you a result that meets your requirements! Be sure to bring a selfie of how you place your Liner, so we already have an idea in which thickness you apply it.

The right choice?

We always honestly give our advice, your Eye-Liner is also our advertising, so perfection and class are of paramount importance.

Briefly summarized:

  • Price: € 300 (top & bottom) (only under € 150 or just above € 150)
  • Duration: 1,5h or 1h
  • Remains: 3-5 years or 7 to 10 years
  • if desired you can apply 2 hours beforehand with EMLA ointment = pre-anesthetic (prescription you will receive from us later)
  • Painless / maximum uncomfortable feeling
  • This treatment is well tolerated by our own surgical ointment
  • We also have protective eye shields if desired
  • Take into account a local swelling of the line. The evening itself or the day after this has disappeared.
  • The color will be more intense for the first 3 days
  • After 1 treatment you have the desired result
  • If needed Touch-Up after 4-6 weeks = € 25
  • 1 week NOT: swimming, sauna, steam bath, sun, no mascara or eyeshadow
  • 3 days NOT: sports

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others