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Zoals gezien bij Selena Gomez

Bambi Eyes, you are a naturel type and do not want to look “sick” in the morning but you do not want a real liner effect.

Bambi Eyes let your eyes slightly accentuate and speak.

Of this Eye-Liner you will never regret, the only thing you might want in the long run is to have it a little thicker 🙂

This is the ideal Eye-Liner to start! If you are the “cautious” type and never put a line, you should start with the Bambi Eye’s.

We have colors that last 2 to 5 years but you can also choose real permanent colors that will last for at least 10 years.

Everything is discussed and explained in detail so you can already see what your Bambi Eyes / Infra-Liner will look like and you can indicate whether you want it finer or slightly thicker.

  • Please bring photos of results that you like,
  • choose how long your pigments will stay;
  • choose the shaping of your Liner yourself, everything is first drawn out,
  • all pigments are in accordance with EU legislation;
  • no AZO, Nickel, Heavy metals, Pak’s;
  • we work with different doctors;
  • also for people who are extremely allergic.

Bambi Eyes for the younger 18+ girls who want to keep it very subtle but want to get rid of their “naked” look. Check out Selena Gomez

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