Natural lips – Baby LipsNatural lips – Baby Lips (300 euro)

You want natural lips?
You have too little lip color, asymmetrical lips and you wish your upper lip a little fuller?

Natural lips with Baby Lips. With our permanent make-up we can make your lips “bigger” in a very natural way (max 1 to 1.5 mm). Do you want more? Then fillers are indicated.

We rebalance your lips as they used to be. Or we correct as they would look best. Perfect shaping and the right color give you the baby lips. This is the most natural way for those who just want nicer lips. Without you can see that something has been done about it.

With the baby lips, the full lip is treated with pigments, we look for your own liptoon and we pimp it, we correct asymmetry.

Schisis lip can be perfectly aesthetically pleasing with the right lip shape and color.

Do not let skis or asymmetrical lips affect your self-confidence!

Karen works with different doctors and is familiar with all aesthetic corrections. Ask Karen !

Karen is also closely involved with the organization of the Cleft Lip Surgery and she annually reimburses a percentage of the lip treatments Cleft-Lip operations of the children in Myanmar and Kenya.

  • Ask more info about our lipfillers with hyaluronic acid (performed by doctors).

We work with local anesthesia

– NO pain and no uncomfortable feeling thanks to our local anesthetic
– Similar as a little prick at the dentist
– You choose this option without obligation at the time of your treatment (30 euro extra)

For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness


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