Who am I? I am Karen Sarasin.
I see life as a succession of coincidences. Sometimes something unexpected comes on your path and suddenly you take another turn. It makes you who you are, it enriches you.
Keep on dreaming, like me, and know that sometimes there will be one and then it’s magical …
Dermatopigmentation is the company that I founded myself. I therefore put my heart and soul into it to get good work.

“Be your own child of beautiful”

As a young girl I was already fascinated by fashion and style icons.
I looked up at Brigitte Bardot, I could look at her endlesslynice full lips .
Audrey Hepburn also gave me hours of fun with her timeless classics on Sunday afternoons.
Naturally, Sophia Loren should not be missing in this list. Her eyeliner is and remains an eyecatcher. I have mine to her
Prestige-Liner named.

After my Humanities I opted for the training of nursing.
As a Bachelor of Nursing with 10 years of experience in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, I gained the necessary knowledge to apply your permanent make-up or medical pigmentation not only aesthetically but also extremely professionally.

I saw what effect Aesthetic Surgery has on people. It is mainly about gaining a sense of self-worth, self-love.
Gradually I thought about how beautiful it would be if I could contribute a bit to this self-image. People who accept themselves, find themselves beautiful, radiate this. It makes them stronger, more confident, they grow.
Being part of it is like a dream come true. My style icons are not only beautiful and stylish. They are women with a goal, a clear vision. They are timeless classic beauties.

” My style icons are not only beautiful and stylish. They are women with a goal, a clear vision. ”

Like Audrey Hepburn, I have a sense of humor. Humor is so important because every laugh keeps a tear away. Like Brigitte Bardot, I commit myself to animals. I support the Animal Shelter in Ghent and regularly walk with dogs from the shelter to give them the warmth they so desperately need. I myself also adopted a sweet cat Midouce that was left for a younger one: – /. Soon we will welcome our new German Shepherd, he was neglected and abused, we adopt him from the Dierenasiel Gent . Whatever I am of. I hope to be able to help many animals in the future.
Besides my work there is another great love in my life. That unconditional love arose at the birth of my daughter Ella-Sophia, with a nod to Sophia Loren. Seeing her grow up is the best thing that exists.

What do I want to give my customers? I want to accentuate their lips, eyes and eyebrows without the “too much effect”. I want to give them a good feeling about themselves!

In order to achieve this, I take additional courses and conferences every year at a global level.

    • Both about PMU & Medical pigmentation.
    • Aesthetic and reconstructive conferences for doctors and nurses. So I do not lose sight of my first field of work and sometimes I dive into the wonderful world of Aesthetic Surgery and you can find me at the surgery table to assist the Surgeon. My first love will never die !!
    • Medical scholarships for the latest innovative techniques in aesthetic treatments.