Bold Brows

Bold Brows

Bold Brows



Dramatic, full Hollywood eyebrows

Whether it comes from over-enthusiastic epilation or a medical cause, scanty or balding eyebrows harm your self-confidence. Because eyebrows accentuate your eyes and give your face a striking look.

Drawing your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil helps in such a case. But the result is not natural and not pool-proof … Moreover, you have to do it again every day. Pfff.

Fortunately there are also professional solutions:

First Aid for Eyebrow Problems: Microblading and Shading

Dermatopigmenatie let your eyebrows (again) shine. Choose your favorite treatment: Microblading and / or Shading.

  • In natural microblading we draw pigmentary hairs into the skin with pigment. This is done manually with an ultra-thin needle in a special pen. The result is perfect of course!
  • At Shading we fill the eyebrow softly with extra pigment for a subtle powdered soft make-up look.
  • In Microblading and Shading we combine the two techniques for a fuller eyebrow.

The latest hype in eyebrowland: Bold Brows

Crazy about the distinctive eyebrows of top model Cara Delevigne? Then the Bold Brow look – also called the Hollywood brow – is definitely something for you. Bold Brows mean extra volume eyebrows.

The difference with natural Microblading? At Bold Brows the hairs are slightly more curved and the eyebrows are set a little thicker.

Bold Brows are best for women with a fairly full, natural eyebrow. They create a real wow effect with Bold Brows.


Do you want to know if Bold Brows is something for you? Ask more info to the specialists of Dermatopigmentatie. We analyze the natural shape of your eyebrows and give honest advice about the eyebrow shape that suits you best: natural Microblading, Shading or Bold Brows.

TIP: Bring some photos of eyebrow shapes that you like. We do the rest.

Bold Brows practically

All practical info about Microblading, Shading and Bold Brows:

  • The treatment lasts 1.5 hours.
  • The effect will remain 1 to 1.5 years.
  • We inject the pigment into the superficial dermis.
  • You choose from a super-natural to soft make-up look. You will NEVER get a tattoo look!
  • After one week you can swim and sunbathe again.
    After two days you can exercise again.
  • Price: 300 euro (1 treatment is sufficient!)
  • Including touch-up for 25 euros after 4-6 weeks, if necessary.
  • The treatment is performed by a nurse specialist in natural Microblading techniques.

Yes, I want beautiful, new eyebrows

PS Dermatopigmentation also works on behalf of doctors.